Why Non-lead Bullets? 

Lead-free Hunting

Sighting in your rifle
  1. Always shoot from a stable platform
  2. Start with an adequate supply of the same ammunition brand and bullet weight
  3. Tighten scope-mounting and stock bedding screws before you shoot
  4. Wear eye and ear protection (required on most rifle ranges)
  5. Clean the bore, then shoot a couple of rounds, before settling down to sight-in
  6. Know when to stop. When fatigue and/or frustration take over, you are wasting ammunition. Stop and come back another day

 Advice from The Complete Hunter, Whitetail Techniques & Tactics

Gun ranges near Missoula:

WHITTECAR (In Hamilton. Say “Hi” to Doug Brownlee, he’s the caretaker)

looking back at the range

DEEP CREEK – (Deep Creek Range, west of Missoula out Kona Ranch Road. The fee for using this range is $5.00 per day, per shooter)

gun range (In East Missoula. It requires a membership. There is no day-use option)

Marksmanship Clinics

Project Appleseed