Rifle Ready, a course for all women, by women

Rifle Ready is a rifle handling series where our time on the range includes in-depth instruction on Rifle Safety, Ammunition, Sighting in, Rifle Cleaning and Care, Hunting Licenses and Regulations, Ethics and Conservation.

All geared towards keeping you in the field, increasing your odds of success while hunting, and ensuring your safety and the safety of others. Read more . . .


More hunters are turning to non-lead because using non-lead ammunition reduces lead exposure in wildlife and people.

Check out these resources and partners:

Sporting Lead-Free

Why Non-lead Bullets? 

Sighting in your rifle

The objective of sighting-in a rifle is to assure that the rifle and its sights are adjusted and aligned so that the bullet will hit a target at a specific distance. It is a step by step process of shooting and adjusting your sights until the bullet hits where you aim. A first step in becoming a responsible hunter.

  1. Always shoot from a stable platform
  2. Start with an adequate supply of the same ammunition brand and bullet weight
  3. Tighten scope-mounting and stock bedding screws before you shoot
  4. Wear eye and ear protection (required on most rifle ranges)
  5. Clean the bore, then shoot a couple of rounds, before settling down to sight-in
  6. Know when to stop. When fatigue and/or frustration take over, you are wasting ammunition. Stop and come back another day

 Advice from The Complete Hunter, Whitetail Techniques & Tactics

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Here’s our Sighting-In handout from the Rifle Ready course


Gun ranges near Missoula:

WHITTECAR http://www.whittecarrange.com/ (In Hamilton. Say “Hi” to Doug Brownlee, he’s the caretaker)

looking back at the range

DEEP CREEK – http://www.hellgatecsa.org/id19.html (Deep Creek Range, west of Missoula out Kona Ranch Road. The fee for using this range is $5.00 per day, per shooter)

gun range

Western Montana Fish & Game Association – Deer Creek Shooting Center  http://www.wmfga.org/ (In East Missoula. It requires a membership. There is no day-use option)

Marksmanship Clinics

Project Appleseed