Venery started in 2017. .

Our Reasons for Being:

  • share our Knowledge and Experience
  • harvest Local Food
  • participate in Wildlife Conservation
  • create an Inclusive Community
  • promote Fair Chase Ethics
  • teach Self-sufficiency
  • support Accessibility

Who we are . . .

Alex, banding owls

Alex – is a conservationist as an avid game hunter. She is a mother of three.
She has been hunting in Florida, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Montana for the past 20 years. She has pursued deer, elk, feral hog, and wild turkey.
While trained in archery, she prefers rifle hunting.
Alex has her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Science. She has worked with regional Game and Fish departments, volunteering at hunter check stations.
Alex has completed certification in Environmental Education, FWP Hunter-Landowner Stewardship Project, and Montana Master Hunter Program. Alex became a MT FWP Hunter Education Instructor in 2020.